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Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications.  Harnessing these technologies can significantly reduce the friction of your digital transformation initiatives.   From before AWS' official launch in 2006, CAPSiDE has been a leader in reliability engineering for large-scale critical systems with underlying shared infrastructure.  Our AWS experience is therefore unrivalled.

Case studies

Gaining Speed with Cloud Migration

We design, deploy and manage 24/7 the cloud architecture that best suits your business needs. We take responsibility for the migration of your business critical applications to a cloud environment, focusing on scalability and performance while optimising costs.

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Everyone left the office on Friday afternoon. The next Monday they had changed from working on a local SAP platform to experiencing a cloud-based replacement. The difference is that everything runs faster, reduces backup costs, simplifies the operation and improves business continuity.

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The intelligent design implemented by the SysArchitects at CAPSiDE, driven by their business and technical comprehension, have been key for us. Once they started working, they gave us peace of mind. Now we don’t worry about our platform, we just can focus on our customers and expansion.

José Antonio Catalán, CIO at Self Bank
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Optimize your systems and maximize performance

We design optimal systems architectures for your availability, scaling, performance and security requirements. We do a constant analysis on the performance of all your business components.

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Overcome your AWS challenges

Focus on your customers

Trust in the most industrialised AWS managed services in the market. Modular building blocks, tailored to your needs. Independently audited as an official AWS Managed Service Partner.

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Enable a foundation for DevOps

24x7 proactive management, monitoring, and automation of your entire infrastructure covering IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, OS, Middleware and DBs.

SysOps 24x7


Unlock the full potential of AWS in terms of reliability and your developers' productivity as we define and manage your full stack truly as code

Automation & tools

Enabling the true value of your AWS systems

Increase reliability & control

Increase reliability, security, efficiency, and your organisation's rate of innovation with CAPSiDE's managed services for AWS.

Enhance knowledge

We were the world's first AWS Training Partner, an achievement that reflects our deep knowledge and passion for the technology

Increase skills & trust

At the heart of our culture is "always sharing skills & knowledge" throughout consulting, transformation programmes and operation phases

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We keep IT up & running 24/7, we keep the internet alive!

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