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Time management techniques for System Administrators

Hundreds of methods and advice on time management to improve productivity at work and in our lives in general have been published for years. Many System Administrators have tried to apply them without success. So, why time management systems don’t work at all for SysAdmins?

By Alba Ferrer | August 27, 2019

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The value of independence

In a company like ours, which doesn't sell products but it's a service (and "tranquility") provider, the main assets are the people and values established to provide said services. One of the fundamental values that we have adopted is the value of independence.

By Thierry Davin | November 13, 2012

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Agile methodologies in Operations and SysAdmins teams

On the last Wednesday Break celebrated at CAPSiDE it was highlighted, among other things, the importance of a company’s Sales team being capable of sensing or detecting paradigm shifts within the industry, and the company to support and bet on them for leading the sector in the mid or long-term.

By Alba Ferrer | July 10, 2012

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System Engineering vs. System Administration

At CAPSiDE, our main specialty is managing our clients' systems so they can operate 24/7 providing every availability, security and performance guarantees. On this Labs, we will explain the difference between "system engineering" and "system administration".

By Thierry Davin | February 21, 2012

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