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A year to remember

Hard work done, several awards and the willing to expand our capabilities to better serve our customers have taken us where we are now. A year to remember for CAPSiDE.

By Josep Ruano | June 25, 2019

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2016 - A year in recap

Another year has passed by. And this was not an ordinary one. 2016 was the 15th CAPSiDE anniversary and it was the year that we reached the range of 5M€ revenue and over 50 people in the team. In 2016 we have built the foundations that will help us to succeed in the next step. Incredible and enjoyable moments are just around the corner.

By Álvaro Cabrera | February 10, 2017

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2015 - A year in recap

Hey, another year is gone. It seems like it was yesterday that we were writing about Y2014 numbers on closing, but it's not! A whole year has passed and many things have happened during this last year. It has been faster, more schedule-packed, challenging, thrilling and exciting than ever… and humbly, I must admit that we nailed it. A lot of thrilling news are awaiting this year. And now, we have a bold mission to achieve.

By Josep Ruano | February 15, 2016

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