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A weekend at Fosdem 2018

Fosdem is a massive event. For the Fosdem 2018 edition, With 689 events performed by 652 speakers, Fosdem 2018 is a massive conference, but it is a great chance to learn about new technologies and ideas. This year, a bunch of CAPSiDIANS got the chance to visit Fosdem 2018 and this is what they took away from the conference.

By Emma Briones | February 15, 2018

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Sponsoring the Perl Toolchain Summit

I'm glad to announce that, again, we are sponsoring the Perl Toolchain Summit. Until this year, this coding workshop was known as the Perl QA Hackathon, a series of annual events. It is our second year sponsoring the “Quality Assurance” Perl Hackathon, and last year we even sent one of our Perl engineers to work hands-on with the rest of the participants.

By José Luis Martínez | May 10, 2017

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