Disaster recovery

Everything could fail. Be ready: design for failure.

We design and execute contingency plans to deal with errors and unexpected failures, aiming to avoid data loss and minimise downtime. We define policies, set up security backups and recovery tests that empower you to solve undesired situations.
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Improving in

Business Agility

Our disaster recovery solution keeps your systems up and running without a single point of failure. This high availability grants your business continuity with a minimum downtime.

Risk Reduction

When your systems are business-critical, outages are not an option. High availability patterns with multi region architectures reduce your systems recovery time.

Cost Efficiency

High availability doesn’t mean adding expenses continuously. You can reduce your risks and ensure your business availability with a pay-per-use system.

Security Awareness

Your systems will meet the appropriate level of security. Multi-region designs strengthen it improving in redundancy and resiliency, so you are ready to face any potential attack 24/7.

Case Study

CAPSiDE has allowed us to adjust to the seasonality of our business, supporting demand peaks at all times and increasing flexibility in the required IT costs, increasing productivity and competitiveness

Francisco Peñalver
IT Manager, Sidetours
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