Critical Event Management

Don’t let success be a nightmare (don’t die of success).

Be ready to face great peaks of traffic due to specific marketing campaigns, special product launches or just in case you go viral. Trust in us to keep your architecture highly available and auto scalable. The peace of mind you were waiting for.
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Improving in

Business Agility

Your critical systems will be able to scale up and down automatically, adapting to the real traffic they receive. Your business will be up and running without affecting the quality of service that your clients and users deserve.

Risk Reduction

If your systems are ready to keep up with unprecedented peak loads, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of failure of your services.

Cost Efficiency

Your systems will grow at the same time as your demand, and will go back to its usual size when your campaign ends, and the expenses will scale accordingly.

CAPSiDE told us exactly the best way to adapt our application so it can properly scale, handling great volumes of requests and being able to respond fast.

Christian Dávila
CTO, Koobin Event

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