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Cloud technologies are changing and improving very quickly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with this innovation pace. Wherever your teams are along the Digital transformation journey, CAPSiDE can help you. Whether investigating, starting or executing Cloud adoption, CAPSiDE will be there with you every step of the way, perfectly combining agility with stability.
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Journey to the Cloud

Help us understand your company from the ground up. From business to tech, we will define your Cloud transformation path and we will support you in each step of the journey through consultancy and hands-on assistance.

Cloud Transformation Sprints

Address core-business challenges through one-shot deep-technical workshops. Learn first-hand through joint sessions with our experts that will also analyse your technical needs and will provide strategic change for your business.


Our team of engineers, trainers and evangelists share their vast experience in real-life projects to help skilling up those around us. Our offering ranges from official vendor training to tailor-made training tracks.

Assessment and Support

Let us be your compass in your Cloud journey. We will help you define strategic priorities by assessing you at several levels. With a continuous follow up, you will focus on improvement points and fulfilling your KPIs.

Case Study

We identified 3 key aspects of our operational model that could be enhanced to increase the maturity of our AWS governance. To bring this to fruition, we rely on CAPSiDE.

Jose Luis Gonzalez Santana
Senior Project Manager, Santillana
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