Big Data

It’s all about the questions (and the infrastructure)

To handle and exploit large amounts of data you need a broad and specialised set of tools. But mostly, you need a great infrastructure that can keep up with your analytic needs. We provide the tools and the architecture to make your Big Data project a reality.
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Improving in

Business Agility

The information that you can distil out of large chunks of analysed data enables you to steer your business wisely. This decisions need to be done fast, and a properly designed infrastructure will be ready to adapt and scale fast to answer your analytical requirements.


An architecture that can keep up the pace of your company analytics will deliver more value to your business. Take advantage of the simplified design and fast provisioning of powerful infrastructures in the Cloud.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing solutions and architectures are designed to grow at the same time as your demand, an efficient expenses model.

Case Study

Smarteca’s development required the dump of a huge information volume. Our goal was to transfer our paper experience to a multi-device ecosystem, taking advantatge of all the possibilites offered by the digital environment, and integrate funcionalities adapted specificaly to the markets we focus on.

José Medina
CTO, Wolters Kluwer
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