Database Consultancy

Enhance the performance & availability of your databases

Empower your business critical systems by keeping your databases always available. We provide a database consultancy that will help you enhance your databases.

Our engineers will review, test and improve the engines of your traditional databases or NoSQL databases. They will do the necessary improvements in order to optimise their working functions.

With real experience in projects with:

MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Couchbase, MySQL, SQL Server, Redis, Cassandra, Galera Cluster, Spark, RabbitMQ, Sphinx,…

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We need the guarantee and the security that our web application perfectly responds to the high peaks of visits and users, without technical or costs problems. CAPSiDE is keeping its promises and meeting our expectations positively.

Hugo Palomar
Co-Founder & BDM, ByHours
Case Studies

Companies that trust us

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Galera Cluster
Mongo DB

Why us?

We keep IT up & running 24/7, we keep the internet alive!

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