The second episode of the podcast series News in the Cloud is now available, we will bring you the latest news in cloud by our Tech Evangelist and trainer Javi Moreno.

We’ll talk about the highlights of Amazon Web Services: Amazon Linux (classic) EOL, new region in Cape Town, Amazon Polly, RDS for SQLServer, and EFS supported in ECS (EC2 and Fargate).

If you couldn’t hear the episode, download it here. This is all we have in store for you!

What’s new about Amazon Web Services:

– Amazon Linux (classic) in EOL:

We will discuss the announced End of Life of the classic version of Amazon Linux. We will explain the main features, as well as the differences from version 2 and what aspects should be considered at the time of upgrade.

– New region in Cape Town

Secondly, we will talk about the new region in Cape Town, South Africa. Do you want to know why this location has been chosen instead of the capital of the country? We told you on the podcast.
You can check the services available in each region (including new ones) at this link.

– Amazon Polly voices in Spanish news anchor style

We also discuss what’s new in Polly’s text-to-speech service. There’s a new style of voice available and you’re probably going to raise an eyebrow when we explain its particularities. If you can’t wait, check the example here.

– Elastic File Service (EFS) supported in Elatsic Container System (EC2 and Fargate)

EFS starts to be a recurring guest on our podcast. In this occasion we address its integration with Fargate and how this greatly facilitates the architecture of applications in which we work with file processing.

– RDS for SQL Server has some improvements

And finally, we will spend a few minutes discussing how the SQL Server engine has new capabilities within RDS. If you use Microsoft technology in your applications, this is surely the part of the program that will interest you the most.


This is all in our second episode of News in the Cloud.

If you want to propose any topics you would like us to discuss in the podcast, write us an email to [email protected]

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