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We’re glad to be back at YAPC::EU!

It’s that time of the year again. The opportunity to travel somewhere new in Europe to attend “Yet Another Perl Conference” (YAPC), to join its community for a few sunny days, attend some great Perl & non-Perl talks and do some tourism while we’re at it.

We at CAPSiDE have been attending YAPC::EU for a few years now: Pisa, Riga, Kiev, Frankfurt, Granada… and we’ll be at Cluj. It was just a couple of us attending in Pisa, but we’re growing and so is our implication and participation in the Perl community. So it’s a small team going to Romania this August and we’re lucky enough to be speaking at this year’s edition, as we have done in recent YAPC::EUs.

Perl at CAPSiDE

We have always used Perl at CAPSiDE. It was a no-brainer in our system administration work, and most of our tools are written with this language. As we grew, we used it more and more to build tools that help us out in our daily work.

We’re Perl heavy users, from Catalyst, Moose and DBix::Class to Log::Log4perl, Test::BDD::Cucumber and Test::Class::Moose. And lots of love for Carton too!

Fortunately, we’ve lately been able to give back a bit of everything we’ve received with a few contributions ourselves. We have proudly shared PAWS(Perl AWS SDK) with the Perl and AWS community. We have attended the QA Hackaton to work with the best. We have given some talks at previous YAPCs. We have hosted many Barcelona Perl Mongers meetings and have sponsored and talked in its workshops. And our goal is to keep learning and keep giving back while having fun.

Our commitment to Perl and its great community continues to grow and we will continue to participate both in local events and in YAPC::EU. Cluj will not be the last, but it’s the next, and it’ll be great to meet you all there.

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