I’m glad to announce that, again, we are sponsoring the Perl Toolchain Summit. Until this year, this coding workshop was known as the Perl QA Hackathon, a series of annual events. It is our second year sponsoring the  “Quality Assurance” Perl Hackathon, and last year we even sent one of our Perl engineers to work hands-on with the rest of the participants.

About the Perl Toolchain Summit

The Perl Toolchain Summit is the backbone of Perl. A free of charge coding workshop for people concerned with how CPAN packages work, get installed, tested, declare dependencies, etc. The workshop is not necessarily exclusive to Perl projects, however, many of the attendees will be planning to work on projects that have a direct benefit to the Perl language.

The priority for the Perl Toolchain Summit this year is Perl in Production. That’s why most of the volunteers that attend the Perl Toolchain Summit are working on the Perl 5 toolchain  (from CPAN installers to test modules, not forgetting distribution builders). Even though, there will be also groups focusing on leveraging Perl 5 and CPAN in Perl 6.

Perl QA

You might we wondering why does CAPSiDE sponsor this event and it is because we think it is important to keep up with the Perl Community. CAPSiDE builds on the back of open source software, specially Perl, and has always been willing to give back to the community. We’ve done that by participating in Perl conferences and workshops, either presenting, sponsoring, attending, etc and couldn’t leave this one void either.

The Perl Toolchain Summit is a place where outstanding Perl hackers reunite for 3 days to talk about the Perl toolchain and get stuff done. These are not the only days that the toolchain is worked upon (it’s worked upon all year, really), but face to face work and discussions get things done and agreed upon faster, so it’s important that this event happens.

We have built lots of our company on Perl, like ENZiME, developed with both the AWS and Azure Perl SDK -that we created and maintain. Just as we like to invest in our human team, we also love to invest in our technologies. So, for all of you that will be helping our beloved Perl during these days, keep the good work!

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