I’m proud to announce that we are sponsoring the 2016 Perl QA Hackathon. The “Quality Assurance” Hackathon is a place where outstanding Perl hackers reunite for 3 days to talk about the Perl toolchain and get stuff done. These are not the only days that the toolchain is worked upon (it’s worked upon all year, really), but face to face work and discussions get things done and agreed upon faster, so it’s important that this event happens.

We think that physical presence is a necessary thing in communities (be it your $work community, be it your programming $community), so we’re sponsoring and sending one of our engineers, Oriol Soriano, to engage and participate in the event too.

Perl QA Hackathon – Working on the toolchain

The toolchain is the backbone of Perl. It’s concerned with how CPAN packages work, get installed, tested, declare dependencies, etc. CAPSiDE builds on the back of open source software, specially Perl, and have always been willing to give back to the community. We’ve done that by participating in Perl conferences and workshops, either presenting, sponsoring, attending, etc and couldn’t leave this one void either.

We have built lots of our company on Perl, and we’re doubling up on it. Just as we invest in our human team, we invest in our technologies (which are not to take for granted, even if they are open and free).

BTW: we’re looking for outstanding Perl hackers for our dev team, and we’d love to talk to you if you’re interested in contributing to nurturing the team with your skills, learning new things, building the tools that help our customers run their applications on the latest cloud technologies, and ultimately making the world more reliable for all of us.

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