One of the most frequent queries our clients ask us is what’s the current relation between SAP and AWS, and whether it’s possible to install SAP on AWS instances, or if any sort of subscription exists.

Since 2008, the year SAP became an AWS client, the technological partnership between both companies has been increasing steadily, and nowadays AWS is already “SAP Global Cloud Services” and “SAP Global Technology Partner“.

As of today, there’s already a set of certified SAP solutions for production environments (with certain limitations) that can be offered from AWS:

And in the process of certification:

Operative systems and certified databases

Neither all operating systems nor all databases operating on SAP R3 are certified for AWS.

Maybe the most evident limitation up to date for current SAP customers who explore the possibility of moving towards AWS is that Oracle DB isn’t yet certified for production environments (to this date).

In this area, the certified operative systems are:

And the certified databases are:


SAP enables BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-License) for those clients who want to try/migrate their SAP solutions to AWS.

In any case, the logic would preferably suggest negotiating these conditions in a particular way, either with the same SAP or with the current provider.

Other types of licenses available include SAP HANA One Business Edition at $0,99/hour (check availability by geographical area) and BI-BO for 5 users.

Additionally, developers get Trial/Developer licenses for SAP Afaria, SAP Process Orchestration, Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Hana One.

Some global and local SAP partners already offer customized solutions partially or totally based on AWS.

Types of EC2 instances and pricing

The EC2 instance type requirements to run SAP in a productive environment, according to what Amazon itself has done in the SAPS calculation benchmarks, start from high resource consumption instances and not basic ones. The last ones can be used in test or development environments.

The previous calculations start with instances from the “High-Mem” family and, in particular, those of the “Double Extra Large” family and jump to those of the “Cluster Compute” family. Both give optimal SAPs values for the benchmark, but they are some of the most expensive EC2 instances.

Last 13th February 2013, AWS calculated the monthly cost of an EC2 instance “on-demand” to run SAP. The instance of the calculation was an “Extra Large” M1 active from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon, with 200 GB of permanent storage on EBS volume and 300 GB of storage for S3 backups. Everything for $198.

While Amazon prices usually go down, as seen in recent times, in the previous calculation we must consider two factors that AWS didn’t include and which condition the price going upwards, in case of making real calculations from Europe.

More information

  1. Click here to access the calculator that AWS has used to perform the mentioned calculation from the article.
  2. A list of SAP resources within the AWS website.
  3. During the last SAPPHIRE NOW USA in July 2012, SAP recorded an episode of “Inside The Ecosystem”, where SAP on AWS from a business point of view was discussed.


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