Hey there! Microsoft Spain invited me to  Microsoft Build 2017. This is one of the main IT events aimed at software engineers and web developers unveiling the innovations on Microsoft technology. I was invited through their TAG Program, which focuses on people promoting Open Source technology with Microsoft (I’ll talk about it soon, I promise).

I had the pleasure to enjoy and share this event with two very interesting people you should follow on Twitter right away! Isabel Cabezas, Microsoft’s Tech Evangelist, an expert on IoT and a promoter of STEM among women, and JJ Merelo, recognised teacher in the IT Faculty at Granada University.

I am excited to take you through this amazing experience with more than 17.000 people attending to three days of impressive news. It’s America! The event is huge!

MIcrosoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 | Day 1

So, without further ado, I would like to share with you the great highlights of Day 1.


The event started with a keynote from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella who focused on talking about the wide possibilities that AI and IoT have to offer.

Microsoft Build 2017

By the way, Scott Hanselman exists! Microsoft’s Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools gave a talk on Azure Cosmo DB, MySQL management and Azure Functions improvements.

On the other hand, Azure´s voice recognition has made a great progress. Azure´s English voice recognition surpasses human precision. It is amazing! Moreover, real-time text translation innovation will make people from different cultures closer. Thus, driving real human perceptions between us.

MIcrosoft Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 | Day 2

Seattle was pretty fun! We enjoyed the show and some sightseeings such as The Space Needle; a very cool place you must visit if you come to this city!

We continued our experience at Microsoft Build’s Day 2 focused on creativity-oriented tools. Let me take you through my key impressions.


We learnt about Story Remix, an impressive amateur video editing app using Cognitive Services that creates videos automatically from the best action frames available in your mobile gallery. You may think it is some other mobile video editor app BUT the video also feeds on shared devices using the app and it is available to use on a desktop too. The app also has a 3D integration enabling users to add 3D animated objects to scenes. There are dinosaurs! Also, you can anchor these items to elements in the real frame of the video. You really need to take a look at the demo.

Augmented reality was an important subject this day. There were some very interesting apps that highlighted the potential of 3D interactive environments through HoloLens technology. For me, it is amazing the capability to teach and learn in a 3D interactive environment. Imagine the difference between reading an anatomy book at the library and using the lens to have a human body in front of you and learn visually.

MIcrosoft Build 2017

Nevertheless, the greatest highlight today was the use of HoloLens by Cirque Du Soleil to design shows. Picture how difficult it is for them to create sets with the complete paraphernalia! You can watch the live demo shown at the event with people working remotely and at the stage to take decisions regarding the scenario design.

Another big announcement in which I felt tempted to take my wallet out was the release of motion controllers for VR Windows headset at the affordable price of $399. Thus, giving people more access to enjoy the mixed reality offered by Microsoft.


To sum up, technology and the way people interact with it is reaching impressive levels. The future looks promising and is up to every one of us to make it work the best way possible. Integration between technologies will push faster developments and effective solutions to the world.

For more information, you can visit my podcast (in Spanish), and enjoy the complete experience during Day 1 and Day 2 at Microsoft Build 2017.


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