A few weeks ago I got the chance to visit the sixth edition of Codemotion at Madrid. In fact, this was my first experience in a tech conference and Codemotion 2017 is one of the biggest.

My experience at Codemotion 2017

During the two days of the conference, we had the opportunity to enjoy more than 150 talks in 12 different tracks. Well, to be fair, every attendant had the chance to go to 14 talks in total, but there was a wide range of talks to choose. You could attend talks about all kinds of technology, from back to front, about CI/CD workloads or cybersecurity talks.

But that is not all. Even though I’m more focused on front-end development, I couldn’t resist attending some of the IoT and artificial intelligence talks. The chance to choose among such a wide range of talks was one of the most enriching things about Codemotion 2017.

Codemotion 2017 - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

Besides the talks, Codemotion 2017 was also a great opportunity to share professional experiences among all participants. Also, all the activities surrounding the event made it really enjoyable. There are only a few things to criticise of Codemotion 2017. Maybe the only point to be improved is the continuous problems with projectors and keynotes. Besides of that, everything was wonderful.

And now I’d like to talk about one aspect of Codemotion 2017 that really impressed me. I’d like to do a special mention to the increasing participation of women in these events (and hope it keeps growing). We would love to increase the diversity of our team too!

It was a real pleasure to attend talks of tech women like Isabel Cabezas (@isabelcabezasm) and Juliet Moreiro (@julietsvq), who taught us how IoT can help us control our homes without leaving the sofa!.

On the same day, I enjoyed Ana Migas’ (@szynszyliszys) talk,  which showed us how to optimise our CSS animations. This was probably one of the best talks I attended at Codemotion 2017.  Also, and keeping with the front-end development scene, I was glad to see Carmen Ansio (@carmenansio), one of the AdaJS (@adabcnjs) team. She talked about CSS architecture and good practices.

Finally, but no less important, I want to thank CAPSiDE for giving me the chance to attend an event like Codemotion 2017. You may think that CAPSiDE is a company full of Cloud architects, but we also have a development team where we create cloud automation tools for AWS and Azure. That is why Codemotion 2017 was a great opportunity to learn about both the personal and professional aspects. Surely Codemotion 2018 will be a must conference!

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