In this 1-hour webinar you’ll learn the basis of Microsoft’s Cloud platform.

If you have considered moving your organization to Microsoft Azure, it is only fair that certain basic questions may arise. What type of solutions should I hire? What are the Azure services that best suit my needs? And overall… Where do I start?

But don’t you worry! In this “on-demand” webinar you’ll find the answers to all your doubts on Microsoft’s Cloud: Welcome to Azure 101.

Webinar: Azure 101

Azure 101 is an introductory webinar on Microsoft’s cloud services platform: Microsoft Azure. Azure is a set of Cloud integrated services that allow you to create, implement and manage applications through the global network of Microsoft data centers.

This platform allows managing applications through numerous products available to the user. In addition, you can make use of Cloud resources in a pay-per-use system, taking advantage of a multilayer security for infrastructure and operations. Azure also offers a wide compatibility of Open Source technologies, being able to run almost any application on your device.

Azure 101 will be delivered by Alex Moore, Delivery Director and Technology Evangelist at CAPSiDE. Moore spends his time helping businesses architect, scale and operate their critical digital platforms on the cutting-edge public cloud platforms. For this occasion, Moore will be introducing you to the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure and the benefits it can provide to your project.

Other issues brought up at the webinar will be:

This webinar will take place on November 29th from 12 to 13h.

Discover what Microsoft Azure can do for you and your company!

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