In this 60-minute webinar you will learn the fundamentals of API Graph and Cosmos DB on Azure.

Do you know Cosmos DB and its numerous data models on Azure? Learn more about this service and how to use it on the next webinar by Mario Arienza!

Webinar: API Graph and Cosmos DB on Azure

Cosmos DB is a globally-distributed multi-model database service from Azure, a cloud computing service platform by Microsoft. You can use Cosmos DB to create and look up graph databases, tables and managed documents. In addition, Cosmos DB allows to scale in an elastic and individual way and storing in any of the geographic regions of Azure.

In this webinar Mario Arienza, Tech Evangelist at CAPSiDE, will be speaking about API Graph: Cosmos DB’s API for graphs and one of the five APIs it provides. API Graph facilitates the compilation and the execution of applications that work with highly connected datasets compatible with different public versions of it.

Throughout the session, a series of scenarios where you can use graph databases will be exposed. Also, a small demo of its use on Azure will be carried out. That way, you will be able to see firsthand how the tool works to later apply it on your projects.

The webinar will take place the 11th December from 12:00h to 13:00h.

Sign up now on this link and you’ll get the link for the event a few hours before it starts.

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