In this business event, we will discuss the keys to boost SAP on AWS, as well as the deployment strategy. We will also find out the advantages of combining SAP on AWS.

SAP on AWS: costs, availability and deployment models

Cloud computing allows us to speed up processes and reduce costs, both in the development of new products and the optimization of our tools. A good example of it are SAP applications, which boost their performance thanks to the benefits of Public Cloud. That is why deploying SAP on AWS is an investment for the future of any company that goes for the combination of both technologies.

In this business breakfast, we will analyse the advantages of using SAP on AWS. Among them, we will talk about cost reduction thanks to the pay-per-use system, the reservation of instances and SAP scalability in the cloud. We will also discuss deployment time reduction and SAP’s high availability on AWS.

To close this business breakfast, we will analyse the different SAP deployment models on AWS and we will talk about the extended services of Amazon Web Services.

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