The Perl Conference in Amsterdam, formerly known as Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC), is the meeting point for all Perl fans.

During this event, Perl developers will discuss ideas, experiences, and connect with other colleagues specialising in Perl 5 and Perl 6. For this edition of the Perl Conference in Amsterdam, we’re proud to say that we have four awesome teammates speaking. Here’s a summary of their talks:

José Luis Martínez, our CTO, will show all updates on PAWSthe Perl AWS SDK that started as his project and now keeps improving thanks to the Open Source community. He’ll also talk about developing the Perl SDK for Microsoft Azure.


Oriol Soriano Vila, one of our Software Engineers, will take you through an “aMoosing” journey. He will explain the benefits of using CloudDeploy. an open sourced toolkit that can help you build and manage CloudFormation stacks by relying on Moose.


Marc Egea i Sala, one of our Full Stack Software Developers, will be sharing his thoughts on the potential that the container model has to give for developers. He will be focusing on Docker for Perl developers and the benefits to make it part of your workflow.

Eduard Badillo, one of our Full Stack Software Developers, will introduce you to CloudCron, an open sourced solution to run crons in the cloud. In his session, you’ll learn how to run crons on AWS with a simple distributed, cost-effective, backwards-compatible, cloud-friendly cron.

The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

As each year, we can’t wait to be there and we hope to see you too! You can now get your ticket to The Perl Conference in Amsterdam, don’t miss the chance of meeting Larry Wall! 😉

The event will take place at B. Amsterdam from August 9th to 11th.

The Perl Conference in Amsterdam:

 (indicative schedule for three days)

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