Nowadays, digital transformation is a must. However, many companies haven’t yet adopted new methodologies of work. We understand that it may seem difficult and you might feel insecure about this change. But, the following itSMF summer course will unveil the secrets to adopt digital transformation with Cloud Computing to deliver a better service.

At CAPSiDE, we think DevOps!

For many years, we have embraced this collaborative philosophy to achieve effective and rapid solutions; thus, improving our team’s performance and providing a quality service to customers.

We support companies striving to make DevOps a fact. For this reason, we would like to share our experience and thoughts on this practice. Show you our tricks to ensure an effective communication between your operations and development teams. And, then, welcome you into the agile DevOps community.

CAPSiDE’s Managing Director, Álvaro Cabrera, will be at the itSMF Summer Course to guide you through the best DevOps platforms and tools. As a result, you will learn about DevOps architecture on cloud computing and continuous delivery using DevOps methodologies. Do not miss his talk on July 6th.

itSMF Summer Course 2017 - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

In addition, other professional IT speakers from worldwide recognised companies will share their know-how on this practice. The summer course is produced by itSMF, an international non-profit organisation promoting IT Service Management best practices, standards, and qualifications.

We invite you to take a step forward at this itSMF Summer Course and discover the positive impact of DevOps integration in your company.

The event will take place during July 3rd – 7th at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (South Campus) and will be streamed live at:

Take a look at the schedule and register here to attend the event. See you there!

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