Next February, Barcelona will be hosting a new event on Google Cloud: Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019. This  Google Cloud Platform training day will bring together solution architects, software developers and system administrators who want to know more about Google’s platform on the Cloud.

Google Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019

Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019 is a free training event on Google Cloud and its contents: Google Compute Engine, Storage, Datastore, Kubernetes… Expert instructors and Google Cloud engineers will be delivering the program and will introduce you to the use of virtual machines, containers, applications, Big Data and automatic learning. It will also be a good opportunity for networking and connect with industry experts.

Constantino Casado Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019 - CAPSiDE

Just like in previous occasions, CAPSiDE will participate in Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019. Constantino Casado, Pre-Sales Manager, will be attending as a speaker and will be leading the session on Big Data and jQuery. Also, CAPSiDE will have a stand at the event, where you will be able to share your doubts about Google Cloud Platform with expert engineers.

Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019 will take place at the Hesperia Tower hotel, next February 20th. To attend Cloud onBoard Barcelona 2019, fill in the form that you will find in the following link. At the end of the day, you will receive a document acknowledging your participation. Take advantage of this Google Cloud training opportunity!

Google Cloud OnBoard Barcelona 2019 Agenda

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