Get ready for the annual Azure community day! Next April 27th, Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 is back. This event is celebrated worldwide at the same time, with the aim of knowing more about the use of Microsoft Azure with experts in the platform.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 is a big opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s Cloud. Among the numerous events that will take place, there will be activities for all levels on Azure topics and services. Also, attendants will get to participate in interesting hands-on labs at a global scale.

In this edition, attendees of different Azure Bootcamp 2019 events will again perform a very special lab. In collaboration with the IAC (which stands for “Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands”), this lab will aim at discovering a new exoplanet by processing the data of the Kepler and TESS missions. Participants of this practical session will connect to the Microsoft Azure platform from all venues of the world. That way, they will benevolently provide their talent and knowledge to the scientific project. You can find more information about it in the official website.

CAPSiDE at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

This year, our CAPSiDE evangelists will be at Global Azure Bootcamp once again as speakers. In the session celebrated in Barcelona, Javi Moreno will be co-organizing a detective game using Internet of Things: “IoT mini Cluedo”. Along with Fernando Solá, Cloud Consultant, and Robert Bermejo from CatZure, Javi will be detecting different suspects of the game via IoT on Azure. You will find them at the Ironhack headquarters in Barcelona, from 13:00h to 14:00h. Do not miss their talk, there will be more than one surprise!

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 - CAPSiDE

In Madrid, Mario Arienza will be carrying out a session called “¿K8S bajo control? AKS es la respuesta”. On this talk, Mario will teach us how AKS can help us when Kubernetes gets temperamental. You will find him on Room 2 at the Microsoft Ibérica headquarters in Madrid. The schedule will be from 15:20 to 16:10h.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 - CAPSiDE

Take this opportunity and come to Global Azure Bootcamp 2019! If you wish to attend at the event in Barcelona, join in through this link. If you prefer going to the one in Madrid, you can do it through this other link. And don’t forget to follow the official Twitter account of Global Azure Bootcamp! That way, you will be the first to know the latest news on the big day.

Do you want to learn how to deploy applications on Azure or how to get more out of it? Do not miss this worldwide Cloud celebration this upcoming April. We will be waiting for you at Global Azure Bootcamp 2019!

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