On April 16th it will be return time for the Global Azure Bootcamp, where CAPSiDE will be as a sponsor and speaker. It is the third edition in Spain of an event that happens  at the same time in different countries all around the world.

It was April, 2013, when the first edition of the Global Azure Bootcamp took place in more than 134 locations all around the world. In 2014, Madrid joined other locations, being the first time for the Global Azure Bootcamp to be in Spain.


Global Azure Bootcamp 2016

Global Azure Bootcamp is an event that gathers different sessions and talks with expert to go deeper in the use of Mixrosoft Azure’s platform.  Amongst the talks you’ll find “Introduction to Azure Container Service“, a talk that will be done by  Javi Moreno, Resident Futurist & Evangelist at CAPSiDE.

In his talk, Javi will develop the highlights of Azure’s container service, and the philosophy of minimizing the use of the platform’s tools to adapt deployments to any platform easily. Also, you’ll be able to see some demos about how to provision a Docker  cluster, and the relationship between Swarm and Mesos.

Besides the talks, at the Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 you’ll be able to participate in global hands-on labs, being part of a global computing farm. In previous editions, hands-on labs  were useful to implement animation and 3D render labs, and also to process genetic data to cure diabetes and breast cancer.

In this year’s edition of Global Azure Bootcamp there will be two different hands-on labs.  You’ll be able to be a part of the GAB Science Lab, an investigation lab focused in data processing. You’ll be also able to participate at the GAB Racing Lab, a gaming lab that will introduce a 3D driving game, with the back-end services hosted in Azure.

Global Azure Bootcamp will be held  at Microsoft  offices in Pozuelo de Alarcón next April 16th, from 9:00 to 19:00h.

Don’t miss it!

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