Discover all cloud benefits thanks to the design and automation of advanced architectures. Theses infrastructures will adapt to any of the real requirements of your business, and will allow you to control costs, so you don’t spend more than you really need.

CAPSiDE wants to help you with the design and automation of the architecture that empowers your business. That’s why we invite you to discover more in this event.

Design & automation of AWS advanced architectures

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and CAPSiDE look forward to meet you next tuesday, march 8th, from 10 to 14h, at the Centro de Aceleración Digital del ISDI en Madrid.

There will be members from the AWS team, and you’ll be able to know real cases that will show you how to empower your business with cloud computing. AWS’ cloud has helped a lot of companies to optimize the performance of their digital critical platforms. Discover how it can help you.


ENZiME®: one-click red/black deployments.
New CAPSiDE tool for cloud automation
Agility & performance: Dev/Test environment optimization

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