From June 21st to June 22nd, the database consulting company Binlogic brings its DataOps event to Barcelona. In this sixth edition, technology leaders from different sectors will be meeting at the World Trade Center. DataOps Barcelona 2018 is an event about Cloud solutions, security, Cloud scalability and the latest trends on this sector.

DataOps Barcelona 2018 offers a collaborative experience with data experts. You will get to know different cases in a full set of subjects in databases like MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and columnar storage solutions. The talks will be hosted in a two-hall space and they will address topics like automation, Big Data, DBs, Engineering, Infrastructure, IoT, Machine Learning and Security.

Attendees will discover real cases on how to use Cloud providers for highly available and auto scalable infrastructures. Also there will be networking opportunities and you will hear success stories from first-hand experience by great speakers.

Data Science lives in the cloud @ DataOps Barcelona 2018

Of course, at CAPSiDE we couldn’t miss this opportunity and one of our main experts on Data Engineering, Constantino Casado, will be speaking at DataOps Barcelona 2018.

Casado, who already spoke at the Big Data Congress 2017, will introduce us to how “Data Science lives in the cloud”. In this session, he will talk about how Cloud environments have the most advanced tools for Data experimentation nowadays. Within the battle of capturing Data Science Expertise, Cloud providers fight for talent, delivering the best user experience and the most advanced tools, almost for free. Casado will take this opportunity to show you how to take advantage of this agility. Within the presentation there will be stories on different strategies and several project examples for you to analyse.

Casado’s talk, ‘Data Science lives in the Cloud’, will take place on day 2 of DataOps Barcelona 2018. You will find Casado’s session at Hall A from 10.20AM to 11.15AM.

If you haven’t already, get your tickets for DataOps Barcelona 2018 here.


Day 1 | Hall A – June 21, 2018

Day 1 | Hall B – June 21, 2018

Day 2 | Hall A – June 22, 2018

Day 2 | Hall B – June 22, 2018

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