In this workshop, we’ll walk through some of the Azure foundational elements, introduce them and give guidance around what we have seen work well within different organisations – and look to you the audience for your input too!

There are many elements to consider, but we’ll be picking three core building blocks – Accounts, Identity and Connectivity.

At the end of the session, we’ll also offer an open Azure Architecture Surgery – this is an open discussion for attendees to raise their own questions related to questions or challenges they have encountered in their own use of Azure – It can be topics we discussed during the session or new ones.

We encourage full audience participation so that we can debate different solutions to queries together. There is rarely one right answer… and, with an ever-changing Azure platform, best practices evolve too.

A light breakfast with teas and coffees will be provided.

Who should attend?

IT Directors / Head of Infrastructure / Enterprise Architect / Technical Architects/IT Service & Operations Managers… and anyone that is interested!

Why should you attend?

Microsoft Azure is a hugely rich platform for IT service ranging from classical virtual machines through to advanced machine learning. When an organisation is ready to move forward from experimentation through to migration or build-out of production workloads, what are the foundational concepts that a business needs to be aware of as they embark on this journey?
There are a dizzying array of options and approaches available, driven by a need to be as flexible as possible and map to any organisation’s needs. However, there are a series of key elements that every business should consider in their approach and some good best practice patterns out there that can be adopted.

Overall we hope this session helps people strengthen the core of their Microsoft Azure deployment and also provides an opportunity to learn from CAPSiDE and peers what works well for businesses consuming Microsoft Azure and emerging best practices.

Creating & improving your Azure Foundations + Architecture Surgery Agenda:

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