Microsoft Azure‘s cloud offers a wide range of possibilities. Do you know them all?

Join us for a technical session in which you will understand the possibilities of Cognitive Services and learn to implement continuous deployment pipelines. We promise there will be demos!

#capsideLAB: Cognitive Services & Continuous Delivery

Who hasn’t heard about Cognitive Services? In this session, we will talk about what they are, what types there are, what can we do with them and we will watch how to play a little bit with them. You’ll see how fun they are!

Let’s implement a real continuous deployment pipeline! We will use Team Services to automatically detect a change in Github and deploy the new version of the project on the testing environment. The whole talk will be a demo because we know what you like.

Indicative Schedule

Where and when

July 25th, 18:30h
CAPSiDE’s headquarters (Pl. Catalunya 1, 3D)

Who will be leading the workshop?

Roberto Bermejo is part of the Sogeti Spain team since 2010 where he works as Architect, Team Leader, Mobile Leader and Cloud Specialist. Azure Microsoft’s MVP, he loves living in the “cloud” and dream on it all day long.

Also, he has time to organise CATzure Barcelona user groups where he talks about Azure, Azure, and Azure.

After 20 years developing software (mainly under Java platform) and teaching programming to hundreds of students, Javi Moreno still enjoys designing and giving courses, talks, and workshops.

Actually, he works as CAPSiDE’s Technical Evangelist and delivers diverse courses about key public cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform) and many technologies related to the cloud (Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.).

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