Fundación Ramón Areces, along with the Society of Spanish Scientists in the United Kingdom (SRUK), organises an event focused on career guidance in the United Kingdom and counselling for non-technical skills: CienciaUK2018.

CienciaUK18 is intended for researchers and professionals from all fields and levels of experience. Its objective is to offer information and guidance on the broad range of job opportunities in the United Kingdom.

The six topics that will be covered are:

Álvaro Cabrera Ciencia UK 2018 - CAPSiDE

CAPSiDE at CienciaUK18

Álvaro Cabrera, Managing Director at CAPSiDE, will be speaking at CienciaUK on the Spanish and British market and how to start a business in the United Kingdom. You will find Cabrera on session number 5 (at 14:15h), in the colloquium “Diferencias entre España y Reino Unido, análisis de mercados emergentes y claves para emprender en Reino Unido”. Two other experts in the area will be joining him: Raúl de la Flor, Head of CNS at Pharmidex and Ángela de Manzanos, Founding Partner and Technology Director at FungiAlert Ltd.

CienciaUK will take place next Friday 30th November, at the conference hall of the Fundación Ramón Areces. If you want to attend this event, fill the register form you will find on this link. The assistance is free, but there’s limited seating… So, hurry up!


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