London is full of Pokémon these days.

Everyone is talking about Microsoft Azure and some are talking about Mesos! What better way to take advantage of this new workforce than to train them up and use them on demand with the newest DevOps trend: Pokémon as a Service – catch your Pokémon and put them in a Container.

The Workshop

In this workshop we will create and use container clusters to add high availability to our dockerised applications. We will use Mesos on Azure, with its managed service, and we’ll see how we can handle it with the API. And we’ll do it all with Pokémon!*

You’ll need:

If you’re not into programming, don’t worry! At the workshop, we’ll provide all the necessary code, and the instructions to test it 🙂

*We were into Pokémon before it was mainstream


TAGS: azure, container, dcos, london, mesos, paas, pokemon as a aservice

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