It seems that we only talk about containers lately, and that is because they’re becoming a must-have, especially among developers. And among them all, it looks like Kubernetes is the current leader.

When it’s time to deploy containers to production, everything is more complicated than what it looks like. That is why, on November 15, Mario Arienza will explain us how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure. Will you join us?

#capsideLAB: Kubernetes & Azure on AKS

In our next #capsideLAB you will learn how to use Azure Kubernetes Service (or AKS) and how to deploy Kubernetes clusters in this environment. That way, you will be able to use Kubernetes on your projects.

Azure AKS is a fully managed service that allows to operate the Kubernetes hosted environment on Azure. Azure AKS helps to implement and manage applications in containers in an easy and quick way. Thus, you will be able to confidently scale them and execute them, protecting the access to the cluster.

Mario Arienza, Cloud Evangelist at CAPSiDE, will be our guide on this #capsideLAB. Next 15th November, Mario will explain AKS’s features and will teach us, step by step, how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Azure with AKS.

To participate on this free workshop, you won’t need any previous knowledge on container orchestration. Azure AKS allows to eliminate the burden of ongoing and maintenance operations by provisioning, updating and scaling resources on demand, without having to disconnect applications.

What will you learn during the workshop?

Where and when?

The workshop will be held at the Liferay Madrid offices, in Paseo de la Castellana, 280 1st Floor Module B. It will take place next November 15th from 18:30h to 21:00h.

Remember that, in order to do the workshop, you will need a WiFi-ready laptop and an active Azure subscription (maximum expenditure: 5 euros). We’ll be waiting for you!

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