Docker is the most popular way to manage containers. So, what have we done? We have prepared a workshop with Azure Container Services where you will learn how you can actually benefit from it.

What´s the workshop about?

We want you to discover Docker´s full potential. Thus, in the workshop you will learn how to benefit from it to replicate the production environment on your development machine, leaving the “hey, it used to work on my machine” in the past. In addition, you will look into how to continuously do the integration and deployment of your applications and containers.

Register at Eventbrite and wait for CAPSiDE´s team to send you a confirmation e-mail. We´ll be waiting for you on May 23rd at 18h30 at CAPSiDE headquarters in Barcelona. Do not forget to bring your computer!

Who will be leading the workshop?

Diego Martí­nez, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, and Javi Moreno, Resident Futurist & Evangelist at CAPSiDE will conduct the workshop.

#capsideLAB: Azure Container Services & Docker Swarm:

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