Next April 28th it will be the Girls in ICT day. Among all the celebrations that will take place around the world, CAPSiDE, committed with empowering girls in tech, will be attending Building the future with #MakeWhatsNext.

Building the future with #MakeWhatsNext is an event organized by Microsoft and other tech companies, non-profit organizations and professional women networks, and it will take place also in other 20 European cities at the same time. The focus of this event is to promote STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) among young girls.

#MakeWhatsNext will be a day full of different activities, like talks, workshops and mentoring and coaching activities. Participants will be able to learn from some of the women in tech that nowadays are leading tech innovation in Europe, and this opportunity will help them discover all the possibilites that STEM studies can bring them for a successful career.

#MakeWhatsNext Agenda

If you can’t join all these great women in tech, you can follow the event through Channel 9.

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