You want to migrate your platform into the cloud. You´ve heard about Amazon Web Services and you feel ready to take the leap. Then, doubts arise:

Many doubts appear when you want to start your journey to cloud computing. For this reason, CAPSiDE invites you to participate at BILBAWS, an introductory event to AWS Cloud taking place in Bilbao, Spain.

You will learn the benefits that AWS Cloud has to offer through architecture design and automation. These infrastructures always adapt to your real business needs and allow you to control IT costs avoiding overspends.

At BILBAWS, you will benefit from presentations and live demos of AWS services, including virtual services, storage, databases or networks. By the end of the session, you will be able to build and deploy scalable secure applications in the cloud.

Javi Moreno and Mario Arienza, our AWS authorised teachers, will be in charge of introducing you to AWS architectures. In addition, there will be members of the AWS team presenting specific business cases that will show you how to deal with this change.

AWS cloud has helped many companies to optimise the performance of their critical digital platforms. Discover how it can help you.


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