When thinking about Cloud transformation, doubts arise. Especially when we start considering using Public Cloud in our critical projects.

We are now facing a completely new enviroment. Our experience on budget, cost and security management does not adjust to the current reality.

At CAPSiDE we have been helping large companies improve the performance of their critical infrastructures for a long time now with a complete Cloud transformation process. In this process, we help our clients obtain the necessary knowledge to face Cloud Governance.

If doubts arise, we encourage you to discover how to face the challenges of Azure Cloud transformation in this private event. You will learn through real cases and you will know first-hand the tools that can help you in the process.


The challenge of Azure Cloud transformation

Microsoft and CAPSiDE will meet you next Tuesday 6th March from 9:30 to 14:00 in the Breeze room at W Barcelona hotel.

We will have several members of the Azure team and we will present specific cases to show you how to face this challenge.


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