Join AWS and CAPSiDE for another AWSome Day in Barcelona!

AWSome Days are free events organised by AWS to share knowledge and learn from AWS experts. It’s the perfect training so you can know a little bit more about Amazon Web Services, specially designed for developers, IT professionals and technical managers. You’ll be able to learn how to use AWS’ platform and extend your cloud computing knowledge.

The AWSome day is based on the AWS fundamentals training program, and you’ll be able to enjoy keynotes and live demos with step by step instructions.  At this event, you’ll learn about AWS virtual servers, storage, databases and networks. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to deploy autoscaling applications on AWS.

We will be sponsoring the AWSome Day Barcelona again, and it will be taught by our AWS trainers: Luis Alberto Giménez and Javi Moreno.

AWSome Day

Register now at AWS to enjoy another AWSome Day Barcelona next October 25th, and don’t forget to visit our training schedule to learn more about AWS with official training.

Come by CAPSiDE’s booth and you’ll be able to win a 60 € gift card. Also, only for participating in the raffle, you’ll have 15% off in AWS official training with CAPSiDE.

AWSome Day Barcelona – Agenda

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