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Discover the benefits of Amazon Web Services at AWS Immersion Day!

AWS Immersion Day with CAPSiDE

This free event is a great opportunity for getting to know all the possibilities that AWS offers. By participating in CAPSiDE’s AWS Immersion Day you will learn about AWS’s best practices and infrastructures to solve the strategic requirements of your company.

During this day of talks and hands-on labs we will discuss the benefits of AWS cloud and some of its available services. Our experts in cloud computing, who also are AWS authorised trainers, will guide you through the hands-on labs and will be at your disposal to solve any doubts that may arise.

At CAPSiDE’s AWS Immersion Day you will discover the best practices for deploying applications on AWS. Thanks to this, you will learn to optimise your Cloud platform performance and reduce infrastructure costs. At the end of the day, you will understand the most common use cases and you will be able to advance further on your Cloud transformation.

Agenda as follows:

What will you need at CAPSiDE’s AWS Immersion Day?

Don’t forget to bring a laptop with WiFi connection and to create an AWS account before coming. You will also need an SSH client, AWS CLI installed and SQL Workbench.
Reading this documentation on the AWS products we are going to talk about might be useful to have an approximate idea of what they do:

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