Hello, Alexa!

Alexa, who are you?

I’m the Amazon’s virtual assistant. I answer to tasks through voice commands.

Alexa, how can I communicate with you?

Through Amazon Echo, a cylindrical speaker you can control with your voice.

Alexa, what’s this workshop about?

In the free workshop, we’ll speak about bots and NPL (Natural Language Processing). You’ll discover how Amazon Echo works.

You’ll also learn how to develop one of my skills with NodeJS, so you can code me in order to perform new tasks. Besides, you’ll also learn to deploy it in Amazon Lambda.

Seems interesting. Alexa, who will give the workshop?

Jesús Seijas, NodeJS community co-organizer and Nodeconf, and Javi Moreno, Resident Futurist & Evangelist in CAPSiDE.

Alexa, will I be able to ask questions?

At the end of the workshop, we’ll have a Q&A session and Networking powered by Moritz

Alexa, is there any additional info I have to know about the workshop?

Apart from learning the skill development and Amazon Lambda’s deployment, we will raffle an Amazon Echo among the participants, so you can keep practising.

Alexa, what I have to do to not miss it?

Register in Eventbrite and wait for CAPSiDE’s team to send you an email confirming your place. On 2nd of March at 18:30h I’ll wait for you at CAPSiDE Barcelona HQs. Do not forget to bring your laptop!


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