UPDATE: Position filled.

At CAPSiDE we are the architects of the digital society, and we really mean it.
Some facts:

So, yeah, we will do cool things as a team that will help the company keep up with its pace! 🙂

We’re looking for someone with a rare but precious combination of great writing ability and strong curiosity in knowing and understanding lots of Systems Engineering-related technologies.

If you are passionate about technology and how things work, please submit a persuasive cover letter that explains why you are a great fit for this role.

This job is a great fit for a variety of backgrounds. You might be a Computer Science graduate who doesn’t want to write code or operate systems any longer, because you really enjoy writing and working in a cross-functional team. You might come from journalism, with a clear understanding of what a “Systems Engineering company” does, and want to challenge your great writing skills.

Or you might have a completely different background. We’re open minded.

Who are you?

Was this previous brief description pretty much about how you roll?
Then we are looking for someone like you to join our team… please read on!

The Role

CAPSiDE’s Marketing Department is seeking an intern who will assist in the implementation of its marketing efforts (both online and offline) such as: events organization from scratch, online campaigns (AdWords, Twitter, e-mail, etc.) and other offline marketing actions.

You are going to work in a part-time university internship basis with a monthly retribution of 350€.
*UPDATE: We are currently looking for a full-time Marketing Assistant starting this September in Barcelona!

You will get to learn about our industry and how things work while helping our team out!

Our overarching goal is to help CAPSiDE to connect with people.

Connect with:

What we’d like you to have…

Do you want to know more about this offer, contact us at [email protected] or write our friend Hermes at [email protected].

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