The very first edition of the JBCNconf (Java Barcelona Conference) will take place next June 26th & 27th in sunny Barcelona, counting with frontline speakers traveling from all over the world.

CAPSiDE is sponsoring and supporting this conference, and it is also participating with 2 of their best engineers delivering a workshop and a talk.

Feel free to check the hall of fame of JBCNconf speakers and the terrific list of JBCNconf Talks & Workshops that will be focusing in the latest trends, technologies and methodologies surrounding the Java development universe, covering:

The CAPSiDE engineers talk and workshop will be:

José Luis Martínez, our CTO, with the talk:
“DevOps: Cultural Learnings of Cloud for Make Benefit Glorious Application of Internet” (+INFO)

Javi Moreno, our Resident Futurist and Evangelist, with the workshop:
“Microservices in AWS with Spring Cloud” (+INFO)

You can book your tickets to the JBCNconf here.

Finally, We utterly recommend you to follow the official Twitter accounts of the @jbcnconf and the organization crew behind this awesome event: the Barcelona Java User Group (@BarcelonaJUG).

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