To gain market leadership, one of the priorities must be to remove all possible barriers to accessing your product. Víntegris had this clearly defined in their growth strategy and so they were looking to transform the delivery model of their nebulaSUITE (nebulaACCESS, nebulaCERT and nebulaSIGN) to operate as Cloud-native, SaaS solutions.

To achieve this, and looking for a proposal that offered both automation and flexibility, Víntegris considered migrating their products to a web-based standard. Since the beginning of this Cloud adoption process, Víntegris trusted CAPSiDE as their personal guide for the Cloud journey.

Cloud Adoption on AWS - CAPSiDE

About Víntegris

Víntegris designs, implements and manages security infrastructures for leading financial institutions and major companies in Spain. The company also offers robust and customised solutions integrating high-performance technologies.

Unlike other development companies, Víntegris also offers consultancy and legal advice services. This puts the company in a privileged position when it comes to developing new products, as they understand the struggles and the challenges that companies face daily in terms of information security. Also, they can offer solutions with the most robust legal guarantees.

Thanks to its experience, Víntegris is at the forefront of the market in critical segments such as digital certificates management and user control, audit, and authentication.

The challenge: Cloud Adoption

Looking to improve the ease of product adoption for its clients, Víntegris needed a more flexible business model which could be achieved by selling nebulaSUITE as SaaS.  Cloud adoption was pivotal to ensuring both the operational and commercial benefits of SaaS could be achieved.  In the new annuity-revenue model, technology capacity and cost could scale in much greater harmony with end-user demand.

From an operational perspective, with a Cloud infrastructure, Víntegris could overcome the client-server model, migrating to a web-based one instead. In addition, the design of a flexible and automated architecture would enhance the performance of nebulaSUITE’s tools.

Having identified that a Cloud infrastructure was the best option, Víntegris found in CAPSiDE the perfect support to start their Cloud adoption. The team members of both companies collaborated to define and then deliver the outcomes required. To do so, they had to analyse all legacy infrastructure and middleware components and design the most suitable Cloud architecture on which to modernise. This involved determining the most suitable hyperscale Cloud platform, considering the strategic technical architecture, Cloud governance and the future evolution of the applications.Cloud Adoption on AWS - CAPSiDE

The solution: Infrastructure analysis and design

CAPSiDE and Víntegris analysed Nebula suite’s components, and CAPSiDE provided recommendations for the infrastructure and governance model. After an in-depth analysis on the requirements of the new infrastructure, CAPSiDE determined that Amazon Web Services was the most appropriate provider for this project, as it complied with short-term requirements and was the best value provider concerning leadership and innovation for the technology required by Víntegris.

Once the Cloud provider was chosen, CAPSiDE carried out a ground-up analysis to establish the most appropriate architecture for nebulaSUITE.

The team of SysArchitects at CAPSiDE collaborated with the Víntegris development team to design an infrastructure on AWS that has been successfully deployed and takes advantage of Cloud computing to provide a scalable infrastructure with significant fault tolerance. The new architecture is already up and running, facilitating modern consumption and access to  Víntegris’ market-leading products.

CAPSiDE has been with us in every step of the Cloud adoption process. Having a team with their knowledge and experience has allowed us to focus on the development of our SaaS solutions and transform our product model to a Cloud one.

Lluis V. Sintes Martinez | Technology Development Manager @ VíntegrisTECH

Cloud Adoption on AWS - CAPSiDE

The result

CAPSiDE has helped Víntegris to transform their nebulaSUITE to a pure SaaS delivery model; Cloud native and truly multi-tenant. Now, Víntegris can disrupt the market with their own SaaS services and realise market leadership ambitions.

After the first phase of analysis and consultancy, Víntegris continues to trust CAPSiDE. The SysOps Engineering team at CAPSiDE has deployed the new platform on AWS and keeps it operating 24/7 , ensuring its high availability, and continuing its optimisation and evolution in the Cloud.

Please tell us if you’d like to speak to this company about their Cloud journey with CAPSiDE

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