Verychic on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

Our daily rhythm and new technologies have gradually led to users spending less time on booking a hotel stay. As customers, we want to find the information available and updated, as well as formalising the booking as soon as possible. That is why for Verychic, an expert in hotel de luxe stay management, having a modern, fast and agile platform is essential.

To achieve the necessary speed of procedures, Verychic suggested creating its own platform from scratch, a project which trusted CAPSiDE for. With the new infrastructure, Verychic optimised its time-to-market, also improving its systems’ automation and governance.

Verychic on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

Verychic, the leader in hotel dernière minute reservations

Verychic is the reference digital platform in luxury accommodation sales. Through its website and mobile application, it provides its users exceptional offers on high-end hotels and resorts. Whether it’s in France, Italy, Greece, Thailand or Dubai, Verychic offers stays on limited dates with up to 70% discount. That way, it offers them extraordinary experiences without skimping on quality.

Nowadays, Verychic has almost 9 million users and collaborates with over 8000 different accommodations. The French company counts with a wide range of stays in about 100 destinations around the world. These include large luxury hotels, resorts, all-inclusive stays, weekend getaways and even cruises and circuits.

Experts in tourism are responsible for carefully selecting Verychic’s hotels and resorts. In addition, all of them must comply with three mandatory requirements: an ideal location, impeccable quality and a level of singularity that guarantees a unique experience to clients. Last 2017, Verychic was acquired by Accor Group, owner of several famous hotel chains.

Verychic on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The challenge: platform governance

Verychic had an external platform that hinded the control of certain key pieces. In some cases, the providers of certain applications themselves oversaw infrastructure management. This system didn’t allow complete control over the infrastructure. That is why, the new platform’s governance was another key goal for Verychic.

Moreover, this type of infrastructure didn’t allow Verychic to enhance the service offered to its customers. To win in agility and performance, Verychic considered the design of a new platform of their own in the Cloud. This would help the company to not depend on third parties.

Verychic on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The solution: a new platform

Verychic trusted CAPSiDE to meet its demands. After the first contact with Verychic’s team to better understand its needs, CAPSiDE proposed a Cloud design project. This project consisted of a Cloud architecture definition with a growing and evolving vision.

At the beginning of the process, CAPSiDE performed a proof of concept consisting of designing and deploying the new service platform on AWS. Afterwards, and in order to check the correct operation of the application within the new infrastructure, Verychic would proceed with the software installation design for that architecture to the new platform.

Lastly, and after validating the functionalities, the final project was carried out. Since then, CAPSIDE operates 24/7 Verychic’s infrastructure. Likewise, CAPSiDE continues providing support and advice to Verychic regarding the platform’s evolution and growth.

Verychic on AWS - CAPSiDE, architects of the digital society

The result

Thanks to Verychic’s choice of AWS as a Cloud solution, the company faces the growing activity of its website and mobile booking application. At present, Verychic enjoys high levels of platform up-time thanks to the AWS design made by CAPSiDE.

Nowadays, Verychic’s systems are covered with CAPSiDE’s 24/7 administration and operation services. Also, CAPSiDE’s engineers are constantly coming up with new architecture management and design options according to technological developments. Thanks to the services provided by CAPSiDE, VeryChic’s developers can focus on product development exclusively.

Our development teams can focus on the business, leaving the infrastructure on CAPSiDE’s hands. Thanks to CAPSiDE’s expertise and their training services, we have been able to speed up the development and deployment of our applications. These are key elements to grow faster as leaders in hotel dernière minute stays.

Sergio Vico, CTO @ Verychic

Verychic now maintains its leadership in the hotel de luxe stay industry, thanks to its platform’s high performance. In its current stage of international expansion, Verychic has enough scalability to keep growing in the private sales market, which allows it to offer complete luxury experiences to its users.

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