Going to the dentist might not be a delight for most people, but after visiting  Clínica Dental Lluchmajor you might have a change of heart. As truly tech pioneers, the implant systems experts have taken on a challenge – being one of the first companies using Alexa skills in real environments.

Always exploring how new technologies can improve the day-to-day tasks, the team behind Security Implant Systems (SIS) wanted to know more about voice assistants. Working with CAPSiDE and their own app, the team was able to develop new Alexa skills to help them offer the best dental implants and an agile, optimised and cost-efficient service to their clients.

Using Alexa skills - Clínica Dental Lluchmajor - CAPSiDE

About Clínica Dental Lluchmajor

Clínica Dental Lluchmajor has been a family-lead dental clinic since 1970. At the clinic, they specialise in oral prosthesis, looking to offer the best service for their clients. The clinic has a team from diverse backgrounds and with different knowledge, which is key for innovation. The clinic’s professionals are always looking for new projects that might benefit their clients.

the team behind Security Implant Systems has been integrating multiple technologies on the day-to-day tasks to improve the quality and efficiency of the dental solutions they offer. In the clinic, the goal is to care for the patient’s health and well-being while minding their time and providing a straight-forward and efficient schedule for their visits.

Thanks to the adoption of new technologies and processes, Clínica Dental Lluchmajor can provide the best dental implants solutions at very competitive prices.

Using Alexa skills - Clínica Dental Lluchmajor - CAPSiDE

The challenge: using Alexa skills

Voice assistants are already improving our personal life by helping with small tasks like playing a song or telling the weather forecast. The challenge comes when we want to introduce them in our daily office tasks.

There are already thousands of Alexa skills and some of them can be used at the office, from scheduling meetings to finding the next available conference room. However, if we dare to think outside the box, what can Alexa do for us? Much more than we can imagine.

Going further with their tech strategy, the team behind Security Implant Systems thought about the endless possibilities that using Alexa skills can offer. Thinking about their daily tasks, they soon found where Alexa could be most useful.

In a dentist office, every simple task, such as looking at jaw bone scans or searching for a given specific dental implant, takes time away from the patient’s visit. Dentists must constantly take off their gloves and put new ones just to check something in their computer. If only they could ask for something out loud and the computer would answer… Well, now they can. Alexa, show us the clinic solution.

Using Alexa skills - Clínica Dental Lluchmajor - CAPSiDE

The Solution: a new Alexa skill deployed on Amazon Lambda

the team behind Security Implant Systems contacted CAPSiDE to help them develop and deploy an Alexa skill that would help them in their daily tasks. Integrated with their own software, Alexa is used daily at the dental clinic.

On one hand, Alexa helps find and keep track of the dental treatments of hundreds of patients. When asked ‘Alexa, where and in what stage of development is patient A’s work?’, Alexa will answer with the concrete location of the work, across all their different locations, implant rooms and production labs and the specific stage of development. With this skill, Alexa can help with the daily logistics of a state-of-the-art dental clinic.

On the other hand, Alexa is part of the team when tending to the patients. When asked ‘Alexa, can you show me the last bone scan of patient B?’, Alexa will open in the screen the latest scan of the patient. This way, the dentist keeps working on the patient without interruptions.

‘We want to offer the best service to our clients. Introducing technology is a way to do it and, with this project, we can really focus on what it is important: our patients.’

Dr. Marcela Ruiz, Chief Dental Officer @ Clínica Dental Lluchmajor

Both skills have been specially developed for this clinic scenario, considering every business and patient requirement. Moreover, both the original software and the skills run on Amazon Web Services.

The Result

CAPSiDE and Clínica Dental Lluchmajor have been working hand in hand for a pioneer Alexa project. Using Alexa skills in a dental clinic has proved to be not only a disruption in the sector but also a great improvement both for the clinic and the patients. Now Clínica Dental Lluchmajor is more efficient in their implant systems, which translates into a better service for their clients.

Thanks to the tech advances and with a multidisciplinary team, we’ve developed a pioneer project in dental and prosthetic processes. Thanks to the help of CAPSiDE, Alexa is part of our team now.

Lorenzo Gimeno – COO @ Clínica Dental Lluchmajor

Patients are enjoying visits with less interruptions at the clinic, which has turned into better and more efficient treatments. The team at Clínica Dental Lluchmajor is taking advantage of the Alexa skills to focus on caring for their patients.

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