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Who are we?

At CAPSiDE we design, automate and operate IT systems architectures for relevant companies with business-critical systems and develop cool & useful DevOps automation tools.

Our team keeps growing steadily with the best professionals in the IT sector. We have kept a great sustained growth during the last 3 years (29%, 52% and over 100% YoY), with a 114% billing growth rate, and 2016 looks even better!

Now we’re looking for an Engagement Director that will join us in our brand new CAPSiDE UK offices.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What do we need from an Engagement Director?

In our mission of expanding CAPSiDE in the UK we have to think like a start-up, roll-up our sleeves and share many traditional ‘jobs’ between the first team members. Your primary responsibility will be to lead customer engagements shaping their requirements to align with CAPSiDE’s capabilities and standards.

We expect you to think creatively and independently about how to solve customer problems with the best technical and commercial solution. Our culture is one of learning and continually improving so we want you to challenge the status quo in a collaborative way to help guide the future direction of our service offerings and best meet the needs of our markets.

CAPSiDE ensures that service outcomes meet or exceed customer expectations. Therefore we see service delivery as something that spans the traditionally separate phases of sales/solution design, delivery and operations. You will provide the critical glue that ensures the on-going service continues to deliver in accordance with the dreams established during the sales/solution design phase.

In addition, you will help lead our development of market-specific go-to-market strategies, messages, methodologies and solutions. Our ultimate goal is to profitably meet our Service Revenue Target and you will be a key leader within our sales team, going forth alongside our commercial leaders and conquering the fantastic market that we have available to us.

This might include acting as an account manager, service manager or project leader depending on the needs of our growing business and customer base. It’s also possible we’ll want you to man the first mission to Mars but we’ve already confirmed that you’re up for a challenge.

Partners are crucial to our success and you’ll jump in with both feet to their organisations. Within the likes of AWS and Microsoft, you’ll become one of their valued collaborators, driving business that makes sense for all of us.

engagement director

What key strengths do you bring?


An in-depth knowledge of how to shape people, process and technology using enterprise frameworks to address customer strategies. Experience in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS technologies and what scenarios these best address. Knowledge of software development practices including modern ways of working such as DevOps with its tools and processes.

Experience in contributing to and managing bid responses that deliver a coherent solution to the Customer. Demonstrable track record in developing strategic relationships with key customers (internal and external). Demonstrate the ability to design and deliver strategic “value add” solutions through the lifecycle support of consultative solution sales. Experience mapping-out key project milestones and working closely with Project Management professionals.


Able to identify individual’s strengths and weaknesses and coach to maximum effectiveness. Introduces strong and fair team management disciplines such as accurate forecasting, account planning etc. Attention to detail in the management of solutions, teams and individuals (task, team, individual balance).

Is respected as a coach and mentor, for both senior individuals in the team as well as junior members of staff. Effectively manage individuals with performance issues. Ability to create a climate of strong professionalism (good attitude, behaviour, planning, proactivity, etc.)

Strategic Service Governance

Create on-going and growing customer relationships with few dedicated accounts built upon trust and credibility. Strong understanding of IT Service Management. Provide long-term consultancy services to the client by acting as a trusted advisor in improving constantly their existing solution, highlighting new services and solutions within CAPSiDE and developing awareness of market trends and evolutions to improve their IS environment and our service/product offering.


Comfortable with public speaking. Effective and highly engaging presentation of complex material to audiences of varying skills. Keeping things professional but fun. Facilitation of discussion between group members. Providing performance feedback to groups and individuals. Assisting others in the development of presentation skills. Exceptional writing skills, from brief executive summaries to long articles. Ability to develop rapport through active listening and engagement during both formal and informal engagements.

Financial Management

Strong business acumen with the ability to evaluate and manage more complex bids. Ability to review won/ lost business and implement the necessary changes to ensure improved performance. Manage gross margin effectively, working closely with other CAPSiDE functions to optimise margins.

Example initial objectives

The following objectives are a draft for the first three months of employment and will be developed jointly and formally agreed to help you play to your strengths.

The small print (actually this is also really good!)

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