The use of Cloud Computing can improve our efficiency thanks to its scalability and availability. To harness those benefits, each day more and more companies are embracing Cloud adoption.

TUI, a leader on the tourism industry, had already been using Cloud for some of their initiatives. This experience proved to be successful and was the first step for a full and global Cloud strategy.

Before any Cloud Migration, you need someone with deep knowledge who understand your applications and your business requirements. CAPSiDE understood our apps and infrastructure but also walked with us on our first steps of the Cloud journey.

David García – IT Director @ TUI Destination Experiences

The group clearly saw the necessity of having a Cloud strategy to leverage public, private and hybrid cloud models. In fact, TUI understood that fully embracing Cloud Adoption would be key to keep leading the market.

To do so, TUI Destination Experiences needed a partner to help them determine the foundations of this new Cloud strategy. A partner with a long experience, deep knowledge and a vendor-neutral approach. CAPSiDE was their choice to start their new Cloud journey.

TUI Embracing Cloud Adoption - CAPSiDE

About TUI

TUI Group is the world’s number one integrated tourism group operating in around 180 destinations worldwide. TUI offers its more than 20 million customers comprehensive services from a single source. It covers the entire tourism value chain under one roof. This comprises around 380 Group-owned hotels and resorts and a fleet of 16 cruise ships. Furthermore, TUI features leading tour operator brands, 1,600 travel agencies in Europe and five European tour operator airlines with around 150 modern medium and long-haul aircraft.

TUI Destination Experiences (TUI DX) looks after TUI Group’s customers and pools all services such as transfers and excursions in the holiday destinations. TUI DX currently employs around 6,500 people in 23 countries and is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca.

TUI Embracing Cloud Adoption - CAPSiDE

The Challenge: embracing Cloud Adoption

When embracing Cloud Adoption, first steps are always challenging. Before building your Cloud infrastructure, it is necessary to start with an assessment of the business requirements.

TUI Destination Experiences was focusing on their core apps, which were running on a traditional datacentre. To achieve the best performance, improving on the special requirements of each application, TUI Destination Experiences was determined for a Cloud Migration.

As a leader in their industry, TUI Group promoted the development of a proper Cloud strategy for all the source markets in the company. That meant that any Cloud-related project had to not only comply with its own requirements but also with the group technical strategy. This included not only governance but also, among other, security, availability, performance and disaster recovery criteria.

Embracing Cloud Adoption while being compliant involves a clear visual of where you want to be with your Cloud infrastructures. With the help of CAPSiDE, it has been a piece of cake.

Adi Merzbach, Head of Infrastructure & Operations @ TUI Destination Experiences

A Cloud Transformation project

TUI DX chose CAPSiDE as their trusted advisor for the first steps of their transformation project. CAPSiDE offered an assessment of the business requirements to determine the most suitable architecture for each of their apps.

To start the Cloud Adoption process, CAPSiDE and the team at TUI DX met to have a full picture of the current environments. Later, CAPSiDE analysed the applications to know all the specific requirements.

We had both teams working together to define the fundamentals of the new Cloud Adoption model. It was fast and easy, so now it is time to move to Cloud Migration!

David García, IT Director @ TUI Destination Experiences

CAPSiDE helped TUI DX define their new target model, Cloud architectures and the key criteria for their upcoming Cloud migration on AWS. Considering each specific requirement, now each application is ready for a successful cloud migration. CAPSiDE also met with TUI group to ensure the strategy was aligned with the best practices.

Embracing Cloud Adoption with this assessment has only been one of the first steps in TUI DX’s Cloud story. The international group will continue to lead the market, with safe and reliable Cloud infrastructures that will provide better performance and cost savings.

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