In a competitive business like the IT business, counting on a multidisciplinary and professional staff which provide quality service to make a difference in the market is essential.

Since the beginnings of CAPSiDE over 16 years ago, we have been working hard to gain the trust of our clients and solve exactly what they need in a proactive way. That is why in 2014 we started using a survey tool to know the opinions of our clients first-hand. Once a support ticket or project has been completed. With 4 simple questions and a free text field, we can analyse the quality of the service we offered.

Feedback clientes 2017 -CAPSiDE

Our feedback tool helps us improve day after day, both individually and as a team. But which are the keys to our service? Which are the differential values of our design, automation and 24/7 operation?

Not only they are technically good profiles, but they also know your platform very well. You don’t have to give them any details, and it doesn’t matter who picks up the phone: even if it’s Guillem, Rael, Luis Alberto […] everyone knows exactly how your infrastructure is configured.

Belén Jódar, CTO @ Grupo Zeta

Even since we are with them (CAPSiDE) we haven’t had any falls […]. When the problems begun to arise, they were capable of detecting them and do the necessary to solve them before the user realise.

Belén Jódar, CTO @ Grupo Zeta

Feedback clientes 2017 -CAPSiDE

Teamwork and continuous communication

The comments of our clients and the goals we achieved this past 2017 are of most importance for us, as they help us understand what affects our customers so we can improve. If we analyse the obtained results, almost all the tickets (95%) were solved in a timely manner and most customers (84%) said the service and treatment was adequate.

Some of our free response comments confirm this good results.

The service has been so nice, we were in a hurry and the response has been instantaneous.

We are proud to see that our customers are happy with the proactivity of our team providing services, but this could have never happened without a good coordination between working groups. Also, constant communication between our engineers allows them to become more agile in problem management, thus obtaining clients’ satisfaction.

Quick and effective.

Despite achieving good results in recent years, we want to keep working hard so our customers always feel well cared of.

We closed 2017 with very good prospects for the future and we hope to continue improving to be able to meet them by the end of this year 2018.

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