McCann Erickson Spain has relied on the SysOps 24×7 services from CAPSiDE for the promotion platform and the online services to its major customers.

Thus, CAPSiDE monitors, operates and manages 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the systems that serve the main content of marketing campaigns for their clients.

We work with CAPSiDE in important campaigns like “Destapa la felicidad”.
Over the years we have been working with CAPSiDE, we have never had a single service problem, despite the unpredictability of television advertising campaigns and the impact these systems generate

Enrique Moreno
CTO at McCann Erickson España

The solution provided to McCann Erickson Spain is built on top of AWS, with an elastic platform capable of adapting, automatically and in matter of seconds to the current demand, thus saving money and keeping an optimal customer experience all the time. This platform is fully managed by the CAPSiDE’s 24/7 Systems Administration services, based on the CAPSiDE’s architecture consultancy solutions for interactive agencies.

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