Hey, Developer, SysAdmin, or whoever you might be! Do you have any of the official AWS Certified acknowledgements? If you are getting ready to achieve the certification, do not waste your time: we have plenty of training for AWS that might help you.

Getting the certifications can be tricky since they are challenging and sometimes we do not know where to start. But hey, don’t worry! We can help you in the journey to certifications and, hopefully, you’ll get an extra point in the exam.

Training for AWS certifications: what do you need and why

Do you still think you do not need to go through training? Check the reasons why you should attend a training for AWS before certification:

1. Starting with a solid base

AWS is one of the most competitive, serious players in the cloud business, so you better be prepared to learn a lot before you go through all certifications. It does not matter if you are a Systems Architect, a Developer or a SysOps Engineer. You can start by attending our AWS Essentials, the first milestone in your journey. Later, you will be ready for Architecting on AWS, intended for Solutions Architects who want to learn how to optimise cloud usage.

2. Being the most qualified of a highly qualified community

AWS community is growing every day. Amazon Web Services certified professionals are a scarce resource and companies know it. That is why it is valued to count with real, on-field experience. Attending to our courses will difference you from the rest, as they will provide you with an added point of hands-on experience. You will meet our teachers, who are dealing every day with it, like Luis Alberto Giménez, Javi Moreno, Mario Arienza or José Luis Martínez (our CTO). They are passionate, heart-driven professionals with loads of helpful experience for you.

Training for AWS

3. Obtaining specific up-to-date knowledge of a growing sector

It is not a secret that cloud has gained significant speed. In five years, AWS has launched a thousand new products that require seasoned professionals. For instance, if you go through Systems Operations on AWS, you’ll learn specific tools related with configuration and implementation. Also, in Big Data on AWS, you’ll be able to know how to work with Amazon DynamoDB, Redshift and Kinesis. Not to forget Security Operations on AWS, which allows you to understand the new security and compliance environment, IAM, VPC and shared responsibility model.

The offer of courses grows every day and you will count with the most up-to-the-minute content. We also offer on-demand training for groups and companies.

4. Adapt to a competitive and ever-changing business

Every year cloud evolves. Its new capabilities and possibilities increase every day. That is the reason why we need to keep our knowledge sharp on a certified, regular basis. Do not sacrifice knowledge for time by taking a fast way. Leverage from our specialised capacitation, which will aid you further from passing an exam with flying colours. It will supply you the real assets you will need in today’s dynamic environment.

At CAPSiDE we were the first Authorized Training Partner of AWS in the world. That is why we know what is to start from the beginning and follow a constant improvement journey over years. We train hundreds of professionals every year, everywhere, and we’d love you to be part of that journey.

Once you go over the courses, you can pass the AWS Associate Certified Architect, Developer or SysOps Administrator exam with the confidence that you are not only passing an exam; you are getting a differential, extra point that you will carry along this journey.

After that, you can go through Advanced Architecting on AWS and learn how to build complex solutions with data services, IT governance, etc. If you are on the developer side, you may be interested in DevOps Engineering on AWS, intended for developers and SysOps Engineers. After both courses, you’ll be able to achieve an AWS Certified Professional badge for each of the specialities.

Do you want to give it try? Why don’t you come to one of our workshops or webinars? There you’ll meet our teachers and you’ll be able to know first-hand our training methods. If you already know which course you want to take, register here in every training you want!

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velama | March 12, 2019 9:27 am

Well! explaining. how to AWS certifications And Major benefits of getting an AWS certification is a very good explanation about it. we are expecting more about AWS Course details in your Blog.


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