In order to support hectic tourist seasons and gain speed, Sidetours employed CAPSiDE to design and implement a high performance infrastructure on the Cloud.

About Sidetours

Sidetours, a company based in Mallorca, has been in the tourism industry for over 40 years. In addition to the traditional service of tour operations, much of Sidetours’ business is aimed at the B2B sector.

Here, Sidetours acts as a recognized player in the mediation of hotel reservations through their own B2B SideRes and XML tools, that allow the agile localization of products and subjects.

Linked to the tourism sector, the business for Sidetours consequently follows the same seasons. Therefore the peak load a platform receives can be very high, as much as 10 times normal consumption.

Several years ago, Sidetours was based on a traditional hosting platform that would not meet the demands of tourism’s extreme high and low seasons. The inflexibility of the technical and financial scaling processes previously offered made it impossible to generate proper sizing of resources at all times.



The Challenge: gaining speed

In the B2B business, great B2C portals use the services of Sidetours for large searches for availability of hotels. For Sidetours, it is essential to return the results in the shortest time possible. If the platform takes too long to respond or times out and there is no response at all, that B2C portal is disabled and the company could pass the service and sale to competitors.

Speedy return responses allow Sidetours to be eligible for a portion of the searches to become real reserves, and then their earnings materialize.

The ability to accommodate large amounts of simultaneous searches, regardless of the time of year, is a great challenge for Sidetours and the main reason why their services may or may not generate income.

The Solution

“The Cloud solution has allowed us to adjust to the seasonality of our business, supporting demand peaks at all times and increasing flexibility in the required IT costs, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness.”

Francisco Peñalver, IT Manager, Sidetours

After discussions over possible alternatives in the market, CAPSiDE recommended Sidetours migrating their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. On AWS, the benefits of the Cloud range from:

The migration to AWS was designed and developed by CAPSiDE. The team at CAPSiDE employed an innovative service that enables auto-scaling reading replica database, depending on the load that is received. As more load is received, more servers are created and underutilized servers are automatically destroyed to reduce its costs.

This system offers complete resilience and frees Sidetours from worries of responsiveness. Instead, they are able to focus on application improvements, like optimizing the queries of the database. Thanks to CAPSiDE’s maintenance and continuous operation on the platform, trends in the business of Sidetours can be appropriately managed. Now, the performance of Sidetours application’s can meet its growth plans with full guarantees and may well gain speed over its competitors.

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