Getting a new infrastructure up and running for your critical platform that takes advantage of all the benefits provided by the cloud is not an easy task. Self Bank was looking for an IT MSP (Managed Services Provider), with long experience in Cloud platforms, a vendor-neutral approach and focused on Systems Operations.

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About Self Bank

Born through an agreement between Boursorama & CaixaBank in 2009, Self Bank has been for 14 years one of the leaders in investment and saving banking. In 2015, SelfBank decided to take a significant step and become the first digital bank in Spain.  This new fully customer-centric approach reinforces its leading position in the market.

Self Bank developed a digital environment, specially designed for user experience and empowerment. This includes a personal finance management system, that categorises the movement of money, project spends and income as well as other day-to-day personal banking solutions that aim to help customers to service their needs efficiently and autonomously.

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To support truly user-centric web functionality, Self Bank recognised the need to develop and deploy a new platform with the flexibility provided by Cloud technologies. This requires building new systems that are independent of traditional corporate systems.

Self Bank is a pure online banking platform that is challenging traditional bankingthrough an innovative and disruptive approach. To enable new user-centric demand, they require a platform and IT services that take a different approach to traditional banking IT practices. However, since Self Bank is operating in a highly regulated sector, they also need to fulfil the same security, compliance and availability requirements as any other financial institution.

With a significant ad campaign on the verge of launch and a serious digital transformation programme, Self Bank chose CAPSiDE to design, deploy and operate the infrastructure for their critical digital platform.

CAPSiDE designed, deployed and launched the platform services with a smooth operational start. CAPSiDE now manages Self Bank’s platform and is responsible for their OS, DB and Middleware, on a 24/7 basis, adhering to demanding service level agreements, that are further assured through proactive advice that keeps the infrastructure continually evolving to meet the business needs.

self bank

The challenge

Self Bank needed a new platform for their new user-centric web app with:

Self Bank had some critical needs. First of all, it was essential to have a completely scalable infrastructure that, provides its marketing team with the capacity to face with confidence the skyrocketing growth, resulting from an aggressive marketing strategy.

It is also important to have an infrastructure that is able to constantly change, adapting to the resources required by the evolution of business. Despite the expected rate of change, the platform has to be highly available, in order to keep a great user experience that reinforces a strong brand image.

One of the most important things about the new platform is security. As a financial services company, all data collected by the company is sensitive and must always be protected.

And last but not least, the new infrastructure has to be cost efficient,  by taking advantage of Cloud computing and aligning infrastructure costs with real business demand.

The solution to Self Bank’s platform

CAPSiDE’s long experience in fulfilling this kind of digital project requirement, for multiple clients across diverse industries, ensured a proven approach to this demanding and challenging project.

CAPSiDE designed the new infrastructure for Self Bank on Amazon Web Services. Taking into account the requirements to provide a lower latency to every user regardless of international location,  CAPSiDE chose to deploy the platform in multiple regions (AZ).

The intelligent design implemented by the SysArchitects at CAPSiDE, driven by their business and technical comprehension, have been key for us. Once they started working, they gave us peace of mind. Now we don’t worry about our platform, we just can focus on our customers and expansion.

José Antonio Catalán, CIO at Self Bank

CAPSiDE’s cloud approach seamlessly overcame Self Bank’s main requirement, a faster time-to-market. The enablement to rapidly transform all business requirements into solutions for the customers would not have been possible with a traditional physical infrastructure provider.

By instead leveraging the AWS Cloud Platform and CAPSiDE’s innovative operational and commercial models, Self Bank could work in a close and agile style with Biko2, who is responsible for the software development layer, and act as go to market strategy consultants.  CAPSiDE’s automation tools and processes also helped to accomplish this ideal environment to speed up the development process.

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